How it works

I come to your home and work with you to tackle the questions you may have. This
way, I can observe you and your child (or children) in your own environment to
offer you advice and strategies in the areas you are concerned about. I service the
north shore, eastern suburbs and northern beaches in NSW. Most appointments
would go for one hour.

  "I've worked with Naomi since the birth of my second child. She has helped
me get the family into a routine which gave me a sense of control and calm
over life with two under 2.5yrs. She also provided excellent tips and tricks for
dealing with a difficult toddler. I continue to be in touch with her as the kids
reach different ages and the routine needs to be tweaked accordingly. Its
great to have someone with loads of practical advice and experience to call
on."  Tanya Haig
It has been a true blessing to have your
beautiful spirit and grounded expertise
to accompany me through this journey of
raising our two children.... Your
patience, openness, availability and
dedication give me the confidence
and peace of mind that I have
someone to call on anytime who has
all the nswers. Your patience and
trust was felt the first day I met
you. Thank you for making our
home a more stress free
environment and giving me the
guidance to gain control on my
life again. You are such a
wonderful part of our lives.
Thank you..."  Imogen Molines