About me

While I love my children to bits, it hasn't been easy.
I have been exposed and managed twins, tallipes, tongue ties, reflux, feeding
issues with babies, settling issues, more feeding issues with toddlers, anxiety &
stress in kids, a few hospitalizations from illnesses, stitches, sleep apnea,
grommets, eye sight issues, delayed speech, and every other general thing that
you can imagine. I have also lived through post natal depression, and the impact it
has on you and your family. I will happily share my experiences of that with you if
its something you'd like to discuss.

I have flown with the kids, solo, on long haul flights. I have
supported my husband in two major worldwide
relocations for work, and new businesses.
And I have managed to do it all without the help
that you would probably expect.

Prior to life with kids and being the CEO of
my family, I worked in finance. I love being
outdoors and have an extensive
understanding of exercise and nutrition
for women and their families.