Hello! My name is Naomi Higgins and I am the founder
of Mother Crafting. I am married with four children.
When my youngest was born, we had 4 kids under
4.25yrs! We have fraternal twin girls, and two boys.

Mother Crafting was created while I was living in the USA after so many people kindly commented,

"I don't know how you do it"

It supports and empowers parents through the child rearing
years from birth to 5yrs via private consultation. I help parents
gain some peace of mind, confidence and structure, to life with kids.

I can assist with:
  • Breast feeding/feeding issues
  • Settling techniques
  • Sleeping issues
  • Family routines
  • Raising twins
  • Stimulation and development activities
  • Travelling with kids
  • and just general support, tips and tricks.

All in all, helping you learn the craft of being the best parent possible which helps you
feel calm and confident and in control.

'In three words...an absolute investment!
As a first time mum to a beautiful baby boy diagnosed with silent reflux, I
have felt anxious, over whelmed and very confused (to say the least). When
required, Naomi has been our 'fairy godmother', providing personalised
advice with a practical and flexible approach. With a unique blend of expert
advice, empathy and humour, Naomi has assisted and empowered me to
develop my sons sleeping, settling and daily routine. She is a calm force of
much experience who offers so much value in so many areas...I wouldn't hesi-
tate to recommend her to any parents with small or large concerns.
Thanks so much Naomi..."  Mrs N Hall